Little Red Dress

She slipped into his mind like she slips into her little red dress…

…and with a little wiggle


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Come Darkly

Come darkly
to me, lover
etch your
black hunger
into me
carving your name
with forceful thrusts
every orifice
tattooing my walls
with stains of sin
what is yours to keep
and mine to give


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Safe Harbor

Véronique Portal artwork

(Artwork by Véronique Portal via

On a plotted course for sin
we hoist our sail once more
cast adrift upon spring tides
surging in waves we soar
he circumnavigates my curves
and skims along my form
every kiss is delightful bliss
gliding, our tongues explore
seas of infinite oblivion
leave us gasping, transformed
the weight of his protective arms
anchors me to his shore
safe harbor in a lover’s touch
shelter from life’s wild storms

I Envy The Moon

Our Moon

(Photograph by EuphonicMusings, May 31, 2015)

I envy the moon
stroking your hair
and clinging to your skin
while my fingers tingle with longing
I envy the moon
your lascivious gaze
caressing her hills and valleys
while my curves crave your touch
I envy the moon
glowing in your grasp
pushing at the darkness
while my light aches to burn in your hands
In all of this and more
I envy the moon


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If You Really Knew Me

If you really knew me
you would discover

a multitude of flaws
wrapped in insecurity
forever striving
to perfect what is imperfect

a tough outward appearance
with a temper to match
stubbornly prepared to fight
for what I believe in

an inner fragility
craving love and acceptance
for who and what I am
with all my faults and failings

loyalty to a fault
once given, only revoked
from the grievously undeserving
who violate my trust

most of all, passion in all its forms
all or nothing intense emotions
extending to all I do
family, love, life, work

You would discover this and more
if you really knew me